Unit Conversions Software

The unit conversion is simple but it's tedious and very important. Therefore, we tried to work on this project and posted the conversion application on our web site. But we strongly recommend you have a conversion software in your own computer when you have a chance to avoid a slowness or a traffic ram on internet.

At this time LePhan Publishing published Unit Conversions Software for Personal Computer (PC). This software is written by Microsoft Visual C++ .Net language, so that it takes advances of high accuracy and fastness of .Net classes.

Compare to other Unit Conversions Software, our calculation method is solid and very consistent in operation because our convert factors in the entire of conversions are established from one unique source of four classes, Length, Mass, Time, and Temperature.

This Unit Conversions Software includes about 1200 units in 49 categories (from Acceleration to Work, with over 10000 conversions). In addition, the software offers options so that the user can choose different factors at different stages (such as, in converting at different temperature and/or pressure stage, Calorie has different factors in converting to Joule).

Thank you for your support our products.

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